Breast Augmentation

Sometimes, as a result of double or unilateral developmental defect of the breasts or due to weight gain and loss after pregnancy, the breast tissue may lose its volume and become smaller than normal. In these cases, breast augmentation surgery should be performed to obtain larger, fuller, larger, more aesthetically beautiful breasts.

In which cases is breast augmentation surgery performed?

  • For women who complaint of their breasts being small, breast augmentation surgery is performed according to the disproportionate body lines, especially the hip-chest ratio.
  • To correct the loss of breast volume after pregnancy. In some cases, sagging of the breasts may occur which may also require a lifting operation.
  • Breast augmentation surgery to provide symmetry in breast size: In most women, the breasts are not symmetrical. If this situation is very evident, the breast should be made equal by placing different sizes of silicone.
  • To reconstruct the breast in various situations, for example, after breast cancer surgery or congenital absence of breast.
  • Breast implants that need to be replaced for medical or cosmetic reasons due to aging or a loss of feature.

Post-Surgery Recovery Process

Silicone surgery takes about 1-2 hours. You will be allowed to go home on the day of surgery or the next day. The first four days should usually be spent resting. During this period, you may have different complaints depending on whether the prosthesis is placed behind the muscle or in front of the muscle. The pain is not experienced much, but the feeling of fullness may bother for a few days.

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