Frequently Asked Questions

With our VIP clinic , we serve our valuable patients with our specialist doctors.

Our clinic offers a free of charge online consultation.

When deciding if the surgery is the right option for you, two importants things need to be considered:
1-Your medical history
2-What do you expect the outcome to be

In order to commit to the idea of surgery, you need to keep your expectations realistic and listen to the recommendations by the doctors/surgeons. Understanding the limitations and exploring all your options with surgery is essential to achieving the best result. The surgeons will make the best recommendation for you based on your personal circumstances, situation, and the results you wish to achieve.

Yes. Our team will help you book your flight and accommodation. Your ground transfers between the airport, hotel, and the clinic will be arranged by our team, too.

There are several things you need to consider before thinking about combining your procedures. Combining surgeries is an excellent way to save time and money but you should talk this through with your doctor/surgeon and make sure it is a healthy option for you before deciding.