Breast Reduction

Although aesthetic breast reduction surgery seems to be one of the cosmetic surgeries performed to improve the external appearance of the woman, it is actually a reconstructive surgery, not an aesthetic one. A sagging breast due to large size can cause back and neck pain in women, and can lead to hunchback. There may be numbness due to the pressure of the bra on the arm nerves and difficulty in breathing. As a result of the continuous rubbing of skin, there may be rashes and wounds. Daily physical activity may be limited. In addition, while large breasts create difficulties in choosing clothes, the woman's increase in self-disapproval also causes social and psychological problems.

An operation to be applied for breast reduction will give the breasts a natural appearance, the problems listed above will be eliminated, and their life will be easier.

Before Breast Reduction

Patients who decide to have surgery should also inform the doctor about their history and family history of breast cancer. These surgeries are performed in hospital conditions and performed under general anesthesia. It is completed in about 2-3 hours. Before the operation, the patient is checked for anesthesia by the anesthesiologist.

Things to Know After Breast Reduction

After this operation, the patient stays in the hospital for one day, the drain inserted during the operation is removed from the patient and the patient is discharged. In order to remove the stitches, the patient comes to the doctor's control one week later and continues his daily life after 2-3 weeks.

During this period, there is a special bra that the patient has to wear and this special bra has to be worn after the surgery. If there is pain for a day or two after the operation, it is eliminated with painkillers prescribed by the doctor and the patient can continue their daily life.

Is There Any Scar After Breast Reduction?

No matter what technique these operations are performed with, scars remain. However, since the operation is an aesthetic operation, the scars that will occur on the breast are not disturbing scars. Stitch marks, which are initially red, later turn white and become a thin line. It is generally not an aesthetically disturbing situation

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