Dental Veneers

Laminate veneer is a dental aesthetic method used to eliminate deformities and color problems in teeth. There are many different methods when it comes to dental aesthetics. While your teeth are thinned in every method, thinning is limited to minimal in the laminate veneer process. People who have not had positive results from different teeth whitening methods can achieve productive results thanks to this operation. First of all, having a good mouth and teeth structure is very important for health. At the same time, a brightly smiling mouth and teeth are essential to your self-confidence. For healthy and pleasing teeth, you can try the laminate veneer method and get the smile of your dreams.

Operation is done in 2 hours under local anesthesia. The results are clear after 2 weeks.

Dental Veneer Steps

Lamina Dental Treatment Process

The laminated coating process can be performed in just a few steps. In the first stage, your chin measurements are taken. Then you choose the hue for your new smile. A test application is then made to make sure that the identified teeth will look like. In this way, all appearances that you do not like can be prevented and it becomes possible to achieve the smile of your dreams. Then, the main porcelains are prepared and the person is allowed to use their new teeth on the same day.

Laminated Coatings in Turkey

Health is more important than anything. Choosing a reliable center is essential when it comes to laminate veneer applications. These applications, which offer not only a beautiful smile but also a healthy mouth and teeth, take 2-3 sessions.

For this reason, both the staff and the reliability of the aesthetic center you have chosen are of critical importance. Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for oral and dental health aesthetics. It is not enough just to be satisfied during the operation. It is important to spread the satisfaction over the entire period of use.

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