Face Lift

Facelift surgery, called rhytidectomy in medicine, is a method in which wrinkles and sagging on the face are removed by stretching and hanging method.

In recent years, all attempts to eliminate all the problems observed due to aging on the face, it has started to be known as face rejuvenation (facial rejuvenation).

Although it varies depending on genetic factors and environmental factors, the effects of aging become apparent in everyone over time. The place where these effects are most easily noticed is our face.

Depending on the effects of aging; wrinkles, spots and sagging occur on our skin. Poor living conditions (irregular diet, irregular sleep, inactivity, smoking, drinking, excessive stress etc.) accelerate the emergence of these problems.

The differences that occur on our face due to the effects of aging are as follows:

  • Eyelids drooping,
  • Lines around the eyes
  • Bruises and bags under the eyes
  • Clarification of forehead lines
  • Low eyebrows
  • Deep lines on the nose area
  • Lines on the lip edges
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Sagging under the chin
  • Lines and sagging in the neck area
  • Spots on the skin, dull and thinned appearance

Wrinkles and sagging in the forehead, face and neck area can be removed with face lift surgeries. In addition, the reduced fat tissues can be injected to the places where they should be.

After Face Lift Surgery:

  • It is natural to have swells and bruises, numbness and tension after facelift surgery. During the surgery, some facial nerves may be affected by anesthesia, so slight asymmetries may be observed on the face. These asymmetries resolve within 3-5 days.
  • After the facelift surgery, dressing is applied in a way that the eyes, nose and mouth remain open. The dressings are opened after 2-3 days. After some surgeries, a drain can be inserted to remove excess fluid accumulated in the tissue. The drain is to be taken off within 2 days at the latest.
  • From the 2nd day after the operation, the patient can go on with their life. Then after a week, the patient can return to work and be able to put on make-up after the stitches are removed and the swelling goes away.
  • It is recommended to avoid heavy exercises and excessive sun rays for a few months after the surgery.
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