Safir Fue Hair Transplant

In Sapphire FUE hair transplantation technique, hair follicles are collected using the FUE technique. However, the channels in the area where the hair transplantation will be performed are not opened with steel as in the FUE method, but with sapphire ore in the form of a pen.

It is possible to make a dense and natural planting due to the possibility of opening micro channels with sapphiretipped pens. Since the channels are opened at the micro level, there is a much faster healing process compared to other techniques. After the transplantation, crusting is minimal resulting in an increase in patient’s comfort.

Why Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant?

  • Pens made of real sapphire are used instead of steel slits.
  • Recovery time is shorter.
  • Less tissue damage occurance.
  • It allows a much more dense hair transplant.
  • Comfortable recovery process after transplantation.

The transplantation process:

1. Planning: During the planning phase, the doctor will evaluate the general health of the patient to make sure they are eligible for a hair transplant. The baldness pattern will then be evaluated to calculate the number of follicles needed. Accordingly, our doctor will recommend the most suitable method for the best possible result.

2. Operation: In order for the hair follicles to work better, the hair in the donor area is shortened and grafts are taken to be transferred to the target area with the specified method. Hair transplant operation takes about 6-8 hours, depending on patient’s situation.

3. Recovery: On the next day of the operation, the first haircare will be provided by us. All the necessary information and haircare instructions will be given by the Aftercare Specialists, who will be in regular contact with the patient for a year so that they can direct their questions and needs.

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