Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty; is an operation that is a solution for loosening of the abdominal muscles caused by birth or weight loss, skin sagging in the abdominal tissue, cracks at the belly level and fat tissues.

This operation acts as a contour correction operation. It can be applied together with Liposuction operation according to the wishes and expectations of the person.

Things to Consider Before Abdominoplasty

  • Abdominal aesthetic surgery is performed under general anesthesia; therefore, it is necessary not to eat or drink anything for at least 8 hours from the time of the surgery.
  • Smoking should be stopped at least 1 month before the surgery. It is a factor that negatively affects the rate of recovery hence it is advised to leave it.
  • The use of aspirin and similar drugs, which have a blood thinning effect, should be stopped under the supervision of a doctor before the surgery.
  • Also, herbal teas and alcohol use should be stopped before the operation, as they have blood thinning properties.

What are the Risks of Abdominoplasty?

There are some risks in all surgical procedures. This surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia have risks mostly related to it.

The scar structure that may remain at the incision site as a result of recovery is related to the genetic structure of the patient. In addition, diabetes can cause a significant scar after surgery.

The scars that may occur may sometimes require a second intervention. With the drains used during the surgery, the possibility of blood accumulation inside can be reduced. Delayed healing or infection at the wound site can often be treated with appropriate antibiotics.

Blood clotting (embolism) should always be kept in mind during and after surgery. Treatment can be provided with compression stockings before the surgery, early mobilization after the surgery, and medications to be used when necessary.

Recovery Process in Abdominoplasty

The recovery period after surgery may vary according to the patient. You may need to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days. After the operation, the patient is dressed in a corset. You should use this corset for 1 month without removing it.

You can walk slowly with assistance a few hours after the surgery is over. You may have pain for a while. It is also useful to take steps carefully so that your stitches do not come off.

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